Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Schoenoplectus hotarui / Hotarui ホタルイ

Bloom time: June-July

Cyperaceae /


Species in the genus Schoenoplectus:

Schoenoplectus hotarui / Hotarui

Schoenoplectus hotarui / Hotarui ホタルイ

Schoenoplectus hotarui, an annual herb occurring in wetlands, the stems of which are cylindrical, grow in clusters. Leaves are nothing but leaf sheaths due to the blade's degeneration. Spikelets, 2-7, attach stem tips; however, they look like they are on points halfway to stem ends because bracts follow the stem tips. The spikelets are 0.6-1.4cm long, 4-6mm wide, and oval-shaped, with three stigmas. Fruit is 3-ridged flat obovate-shaped, glossy, and black-brown. Bloom time: July-October.




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