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Stauntonia haxaphylla / Mube ムベ

Bloom time: April-May

Lardizabalaceae /


Species in the genus Stauntonia:

Stauntonia haxaphylla / Mube


Stauntonia haxaphylla / Mube ムベ

Stauntonia haxaphylla, an evergreen liana with mottled dark green and gray-white bark, inhabits evergreen forests or edges on the coast. Leaves are alternate, of a palmately compound leaf, with 5-7 leaflets; the leaflets measure 5-10cm long, 2-4cm wide, oblong-shaped, leathery, and glossy surfaces with tips pointing short, bases somewhat round, and margins entire. Axils emerge as short racemes and set 3-7 light yellow flowers. Flowers bloom facing downward, with light red-purple stripes inside. The flowers lack petals, and petaloid sepals arrange themselves in two rows. Sap fruit, 5-8cm long, ovoid-shaped, mature purple in October-November. Bloom time: April-May.




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