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Styrax japonica / Egonoki エゴノキ

Bloom time: May-June

Styracaceae /


Species in the genus Styrax:

Styrax japonica / Egonoki
Styrax obassia / Hakuunboku


Styrax japonica / Egonoki エゴノキ

Styrax japonica, a deciduous small- or tree with dark purple-brown to light black, smooth barks, inhabits coppices at the foot of mountains, valleys, or small riversides, growing to 7-8m in height. Leaves are alternate, 4-8cm long, 2-4cm wide, oval-shaped, with tips pointed, bases cuneate, margins with shallow serrations otherwise entire. The new branch's ends hang down 1-6 white flowers, blooming facing downward. The flowers are with 2-3cm-long petioles, and corollas measure about 2.5cm in diameter, deeply cleft into 5, with stellate hairs outside. Stamens are 10 in number, shorter than the corollas, and pistils are longer than the stamens. Bloom time: May-June.



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