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Melia azedarach / Sendan センダン

Bloom time: May-June

Meliaceae /


Species in the genus Melia:

Melia azedarach / Sendan


Melia azedarach / Sendan センダン

Melia azedarach, a deciduous tree with red-brown barks generally growing up to 5-10m, occasionally up to 20m in height and 80cm in diameter, inhabits sunny areas in coastal districts. Leaves are alternate,3 0-80cm long, of an imparipinnate compound leaf; leaflets measure 3-6cm long, 1-2.5cm wide, in an oval-like oblong, with long pointed tips, asymmetrical bases, and obtuse serrations on margins. Cymes emerge from axils on current year branches and set many light purple flowers; petals are 5 in number,8-10mm long, in an oblanceolate shape, and open flat. Fruit (drupe), 1.5-2cm long, oblong, matures in yellow-brown in October-December. Bloom time: May-June.




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