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Anagallis arvensis / Akabanarurihakobe アカバナルリハコベ

Bloom time: March-May

Primulaceae /


Species in the genus Anagallis:

Anagallis arvensis / Akabanarurihakobe
Anagallis arvensis f. coerulea / Rurihakobe



Anagallis arvensis / Akabanarurihakobe アカバナルリハコベ

Anagallis arvensis, a naturalized annual herb of 10-30cm in height, originating in Eurasia, inhabit roadsides or fields in coastal areas. Stems have four ridges, with oval-shaped leaves, 1-2cm in length, 0.5-1.5cm in width, branch well, and spread sideways. The leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis, with no petioles and entire margins. Axils emerge cymes, in which small tubular vermillion flowers cleft at the tips in five blooms. Bloom time: March-May.


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