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Botrychium ternatum / Fuyunohanawarabi <fern> フユノハナワラビ

Bloom time: Spores mature in Autumn.

Ophioglossaceae /


Species in the genus :Botrychium

Botrychium japonicum / Oohanawarabi <fern>
Botrychium ternatum / Fuyunohanawarabi <fern>


Botrychium ternatum / Fuyunohanawarabi <fern> フユノハナワラビ

Botrychium ternatum: A fern putting forth buds in autumn and winter, withering in early summer, and growing in sunny locations in fields and mountains. Trophophylls are with long petioles and branch out sporophylls; the trophophyll's rhachises cleft themselves in three, and the segments are in the shape of a broad ovate, with the tips obtuse, margins with obtuse serrations, both rachises, and petioles without hairs. The sporophylls are longer than the trophophylls; strobili set on the upper parts bi-to tri-pinnately branches put spherical sporangia conically, mature in autumn, and then wither.




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