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Coptis quinquefolia / Baikaouren バイカオウレン

Bloom time: February-April

Ranunculaceae /


Species in the genus Coptis:

Coptis japonica / Seribaouren
Coptis quinquefolia / Baikaouren



Coptis quinquefolia / Baikaouren バイカオウレン

Coptis quinqefolia inhabits coniferous evergreen forest floors or forest edges, spreading runners to propagate themselves. Leave are radical, of a palmate compound leaf, with long petioles. Leaflets are 5 in number, 1-2.5cm long, obovate, somewhat thick, glossy, and have sharp serrations on margins. Flower stems, 4-4.5cm, set on their tips single white flowers, 1.2~1.8cm in diameter; sepals are petal-like, petals yellow. Bloom time: February-April.




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