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Orchidaceae / Ranka

Species in the genus Cremastra:

Cremastra appendiculata / Saihairan
Cremastra unguiculata / Tokenran


Cremastra unguiculata / Tokenran トケンラン

Cremastra unguiculata is a perennial orchid herb inhabiting deciduous tree forest floors in hilly districts, the rhizomes attaching to long, thin underground roots. From the rhizomes emerge two leaves, each in the shape of an oblong, 10-12cm in length, 3-5cm in width, the tip is sharp, and the base gradually narrows towards the peduncle. Flower stalks appear from bulbs and form racemes with approximately 3cm-in-diameter 6-12 half-open yellow-brown flowers. Bloom time: May-June.




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