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Deinostema adenocaulum / Marubanosawatougarashi マルバノサワトウガラシ

Bloom time: July-September

Plantaginaceae /


Species in the genus Deinostema:

Deinostema adenocaulum / Marubanosawatougarashi
Deinostema violaceum / Sawatougarashi



Deinostema adenocaulum / Marubanosawatougarashi マルバノサワトウガラシ


Deinostema adenocaulum is an annual herb growing in paddies or wetlands. Weak stems erect, measuring 10-18cm. Leaves with no petiole are 5-8mm long, 3-6mm wide, and shaped like an orbicular ovate. Flowers are with 1-2cm peduncles, and calyxes measure 3-4mm long and cut themselves in five to the bases; the lobes are linearly lanceolate, with no bractlets. Corollas are bilabiate; the lower lips are large, and the mid-lobes cleft themselves in two. Stamens are two, with filaments twisted and anthers with hairs. Two anthers on the front sides have become staminodes. Bloom time: July-September.





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