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Dioscorea tokoro / Onidokoro オニドコロ

Bloom time: July-August

Dioscoreaceae / Yamanoimoka



Species in the genus Dioscorea:

Dioscorea bulbifera / Nigakashuu
Dioscorea japonica / Yamanoimo
Dioscorea quinqueloba / Kaededokoro
Dioscorea tokoro / Onidokoro


Dioscorea tokoro / Onidokoro オニドコロ


Dioscorea tokoro: A perennial vine herb common in fields and mountains, and its rhizomes are thick and crawl sideways. Leaves are alternate, 5-12cm in both length and width, in the shape of a concentric to triangular cordate, with tips longly pointed. Peduncles, 3-7cm long, bear no bulbils at the bases. Dioecious: Male inflorescences erect from axils and set small light green flowers with six stamens, and female inflorescences hang. Capsules put themselves facing upward, with three wings. Bloom time: July-August.





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