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Helonias breviscapa / Kochoushoujoubakama/  コチョウショウジョウバカマ

Bloom time: April-May

Melanthiaceae /


Species in the genus Helonias:

Helonias orientalis / Shoujoubakama
Helonias breviscapa / Kochoushoujoubakama (Tsukushishoujoubakama)
Helonias breviscapa / Kochoushoujoubakama


Helonias breviscapa / Kochoushoujoubakama/  コチョウショウジョウバカマ

Heloniopsis orientalis var. flavida / Shirobanashoujoubakama is another species' variety.
Helonias breviscapa is a perennial herb occurring in moist places in lowlands; radical leaves are 7-18cm in length, in the shape of an oblanceolate, with margins with fine serrations, somewhat thinner than those of another species, Helonias orientalis. White flowers set themselves 3-5 on the tips of flower stalks, and perianth segments turn green. Bloom time: April-May.




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