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Helonias orientalis / Shoujoubakama ショウジョウバカマ

Bloom time: April-May

Melanthiaceae /


Species in the genus Helonias:

Helonias orientalis / Shoujoubakama
Helonias breviscapa / Kochoushoujoubakama (Tsukushishoujoubakama)
Helonias breviscapa / Kochoushoujoubakama (Shirobanashoujoubakama)


Helonias orientalis / Shoujoubakama ショウジョウバカマ


Helonias orientalis is a perennial herb inhabiting damp places along valleys or forests in mountainous regions. Radical leaves set themselves many in a rosette way, each oblanceolate, 5-20cm in length, occasionally bearing plantlets at their tips. Flower stalks to measure 5-20cm long, setting some scale leaves on them. Stem tips deliver some oppressed flowers in a raceme way, facing sideways; perianth segments are light red to dark red-purple, or rarely white, 1-1.5cm in length, with swellings at their bases. Stamens are six in number and another six. The flower stalks elongate themselves to 50-60cm in height. Bloom time: April-May.






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