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Lacanorchis japonica / Muyouran ムヨウラン

Bloom time: June-July

Orchidaceae /


Species in the genus Lacanorchis:

Lecanorchis kiusiana / Usukimuyouran
Lacanorchis japonica / Muyouran


Lacanorchis japonica / Muyouran ムヨウラン


Lacanorchis japonica, a saprophytic orchid species lacking chlorophyll pigments, occurs in evergreen forests with stems measuring 30-40cm in height. Shoot apex sets a raceme with 3-10 semi-open yellow flowers; sepals and side petals measure approximately 1.5cm in length and are in the same shape. The lip is cleft in three segments, and the longest possesses many inwards trichomes on the end. Bloom time: June-July.





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