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Laportea macrostachya / Miyamairakusa ミヤマイラクサ

Bloom time: July-September

 Uriticaceae /


Species in the genus Laportea:

Laportea bulbifera / Mukagoirakusa
Laportea macrostachya / Miyamairakusa


Laportea macrostachya / Miyamairakusa ミヤマイラクサ


Laportea macrostachya, a perennial herb, 40-80cm in height, occurs in damp places in mountainous and subalpine regions, with spines on stems and leaves that hurt. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, with long petioles, broad oval blades, 6-15cm long, tips elongating themselves in a tail way, and coarse serrations on margins. Dioecious: Female flowers put themselves on long upper parts' spikes, with petaloid sepals and one style. Male flowers, white, attach axils below the female ones in a conical way. Bloom time: July-September.





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