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Lepidium virginicum / Mamegunbainazuna マメグンバイナズナ

Bloom time: May-June

Brassiaceae /


Species in the genus :Lepidium

Lepidium virginicum / Mamegunbainazuna



Lepidium virginicum / Mamegunbainazuna マメグンバイナズナ


Lepidium virginicum: A 20-50cm tall biennial, originating in North America, grows typically on roadsides in various districts. Radical leaves are obovate to spatulate, lyrate-pinnatifid, dark green, glossy, and generally gone in the flowering time. On-stem leaves measure 1.5-5cm long, in the shape of an oblanceolate to linearly oblong, with margins entire or serrated. Flowers, green-white, about 3mm across, occasionally petal-less. Bloom time: Fruit is about 3mm long, broadly oblong to circular, with narrow wings on the margins. May-June.





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