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Lonicera vidalii / Onihyoutanboku オニノヒョウタンボク

Bloom time: May-June

Carprifoliaceae /


Species in the genus Lonicera:

Lonicera gracilipes var. glabra / Uguisukagura
Lonicera japonica / Suikazura
Lonicera vidalii / Oninohyoutanboku



Lonicera vidalii / Onihyoutanboku オニノヒョウタンボク

Lonicera vidalii is a deciduous, well-branching shrub, 2-3m in height, found in forests in hilly districts, with grayish-brown barks splitting and peeling off as small slips of paper. Leaves are opposite, blades obovate or oblong with short tips pointed, bases orbicular or cuneate, and margins entire. Petioles are 1-1.5cm long and have glandular hairs on them. Peduncles appear from axils, and each sets two flowers on the tip; they are white at first, then tinge light yellow; the corolla is labiate, 1.3-1.4cm long, the upper lip 7-10mm long, and its tip is cleft in 4. The lower lip is broad and linear. Stamens and styles are 5 and 1, respectively; both pop out long from the floral tube. The fruit is succulent, 7-11mm across, spherical, two conglutinate, and ripens dark red in July-August. Bloom time: May-June.




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