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Paeonia obovata (alba) / Shirobanabenibanayamashakuyaku シロバナベニバナヤマシャクヤク

Bloom time: May

Paoniaceae /


Species in the genus Paeonia:

Paeonia japonica / Yamashakuyaku
Paeonia obovata / Benibanayamashakuyaku
Paeonia obovata (alba) / Shirobanabenibanayamashakuyaku

Paeonia obovata (alba) / Shirobanabenibanayamashakuyaku シロバナベニバナヤマシャクヤク

Paeonia obovata "alba" (a yet-described form) is a white form of Paeonia obovata inhabiting forest beds in mountainous regions. It resembles another species, Paeonia japonica, but the flower size is close to half; its flowering time is approximately one month late. In general, casual observers prefer white forms rather than colored originals; however, as far as P. obovate is concerned, they appreciate the red-purple originals much more, which are much more beautiful and significant. Bloom time: May.





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