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Peracarpa carnosa / Tanigikyou タニギキョウ

Bloom time: June-August

Campanulaceae /


Species in the genus Peracarpa carnosa:

Peracarpa carnosa / Tanigikyou



Peracarpa carnosa / Tanigikyou タニギキョウ

Peracarpa carnosa is a perennial herb of a height of approximately 10 centimeters; leaves sparsely alternate at relatively upper stem's parts, with 5-15mm long petioles, in the shape of an orbicular-ovate, with sparse soft hairs on surfaces and several coarse serrations on margins. Stem tips or axils give birth to peduncles with single white bell-shaped flowers facing upward. Corollas are 5-8mm long, with dividends divided into five. Bloom time: June-August.




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