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Phytolacca americana / Youshuyamagobou ヨウシュヤマゴボウ

Bloom time: June-September

Phytolaccaceae /


Species in the genus Phytolacca:

Phytolacca americana / Youshuyamagobou
acinosa / Yamagobou
Phytolacca japonica / Maruminoyamagobou


Phytolacca americana / Youshuyamagobou ヨウシュヤマゴボウ

Phytolacca americana, a perennial herb in North America, inhabits roadsides or wastelands in fields. Stems are thick, tinging red, and grow to 1-1.8m in height. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, 10-30cm in length, in the shape of an oblong, with pointed tips. Inflorescences with long peduncles droop during fruiting time. Flowers are white, tinging somewhat red, and measure 5-6mm in diameter. Fruit is 8mm in diameter, of an oblate sphere, and matures in black-purple. Bloom time: June-September.




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