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Pinellia tripartita / Oohange オオハンゲ

Bloom time: May-October

Araceae / Satoimoka  

Species in the genus Pinellia:

Pinellia ternata / Karasubishaku
Pinellia tripartita / Oohange

Pinellia tripartita / Oohange オオハンゲ

Pinellia tripartita, a perennial herb resembling another species, P. ternata, grows in evergreen forests. Still, this species is of a simple leaf deeply cut into three, not producing bulbils, and the whole is significantly large. The segments of the leaves are broadly ovate to oblong-ovate, and scapes rise to 20-50cm in height, which is approximately on the same level as the leaves. Bloom time: June-August.



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