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Rhodotypos scandens / Shiroyamabuki シロヤマブキ

Bloom time: April-May

Rosaceae /


Species in the genus Rhodotypos:

Rhodotypos scandens / Shiroyamabuki


Rhodotypos scandens / Shiroyamabuki シロヤマブキ

Rhodotypos scandens, a deciduous shrub of 1-2m-in-height, grows in bundles; the leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis, and each attaches stems with approximately 2.5mm-long petioles. The simple leaves are oval, 4-10cm long, 2-5cm wide, tips pointed, and double-serrated margins. And veins sinking in are significantly prominent. Single white flowers, 3-4cm in diameter, bloom on the ends of lateral branches; petals, 4 in number, each circular - the lower part is as if cut off. Each flower results in achene with four glossy black seeds. Bloom time: April-May. 




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