Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Blossoming of plum-trees heralds the end of winter in Japan. As the Siberian air masses that dominated the winter weaken, low pressure and high pressure alternately pass through Japan. Meanwhile, this part of the country also would be enveloped by either one. When enveloped by the high pressure the weather is generally good with lots of sun and warmth but cold at night. On the other hand, however, when low pressure passes there is usually lots of rainfall caused by the moisture brought in by the westerlies from the Sea of Japan. This is the outline of the characteristic of the springtime weather.

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Trigonotis brevipes / Mizutabirako

Trigonotis guilielmii / Tachikamebasou

Trigonotis penduncularis / Kyuurigusa

Trillium smallii / Enreisou

Trillium tschonoskii / Shirobanaenreisou

Trillium tschonoskii f. violaceum / Murasakienreisou

Tulipa edulis / Amana

Valeriana fauiei / Kanokosou

Valeriana flaccidissima / Tsurukanokosou

Valerianella locusta / Nojisha

Verbena bonariensis / Yanagihanagasa

Veronica arvensis / Tachiinunofuguri

Veronica didyma var. lilacina / Inunofuguri

Veronica hederaefolia / Furasabasou

Veronica muratae / San'inkuwagata

Veronica persica / Ooinunofuguri

Viburnum dilatatum / Gamazumi

Viburnum erosum / Kobanogamazumi

Viburnum furcatum / Mushikari

Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum / Yabudemari

Vicia angustifolia / Karasunoendou

Vicia tetrasperma / Kasumagusa

Viola betonicifolia var. albescens / Ariakesumire

Viola brevistipulata var. minor / Daisenkisumire

Viola chaerophylloides f. sieboldiana / Higosumire

Viola eizanensis / Eizansumire

Viola faurieana var. rhizomata / Midoritsurutachitsubosumire

Viola faurieana var. rhizomata / Tsurutachitsubosumire

Viola gray / Isosumire

Viola grypoceras / Tchitsubosumire

Viola grypoceras f. albiflora / Shirobanatachitsubosumire

Viola grypoceras f. purpurellocalcarata / Otomesumire

Viola grypoceras f. unpublished / Tachitsubosumire Viola grypoceras f. variegata / Akafutachitsubosumire

Viola grypoceras f. viridans / Midoritachitsubosumire

Viola grypocera var. exilis / Kotachitsubosumire

Viola grypoceras var. ripensis / Keiryuutachitsubosumire Viola hirpetis / Sakurasumire Viola hondoensis / Aoisumire Viola japonica / Kosumire

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