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Rhynchosia acuminatifolia / Tokirimame トキリマメ

Bloom time: July

Fabaceae /


Species in the genus Rhynchosia:

Rhynchosia acuminatifolia / Tokirimame
Rhynchosia volubilis / Tankirimame

Rhynchosia acuminatifolia / Tokirimame トキリマメ

Rhynchosia acuminatifolia, a perennial vine, occurs in fields and mountains. It resembles another species, R. volubillis, but there are some morphological differences between them. With  Rhynchosia acuminatifolia, leaflets are large and thin, and tips abruptly become narrow to get pointed. Also, the width of the leaflet's lower halves is broadest, while in R. volubillis,  the upper halves are widest. Bloom time: July-September.




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