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Sisyrinchium sp. / Sekkaniwazekishou セッカニワセキショウ

Bloom time: May-July

Iridaceae /


Species in the genus Sisyrinchium:

Sisyrinchium atlanticum / Niwazekishou
Sisyrinchium sp / Sekkaniwazekishou
Sisyrinchium angustifolim / Ooniwazekishou


Sisyrinchium sp. / Sekkaniwazekishou セッカニワセキショウ

Sekkaniwazekishou is the Japanese name for a Sisyrinchium species, originating probably in North America, which no one has yet to identify officially. It grows wild in sunny grasslands or lawns in various districts. Perianth lobes, white, are tapering to sharp points, with yellow coalescent bases and single stripes in the centers. Stamens, three in number, do not protrude out of corolla tubes. Fruit is 3.5-4mm long and close to spherical. Bloom time: May-July.




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