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Sparganium fallax / Yamatomikuri ヤマトミクリ

Bloom time: June-September

Sparganiaceae /


Species in the genus Sparganium:

Sparganium fallax / Yamatomikuri
Sparganium stenophyllum / Himemikuri

Sparganium fallax / Yamatomikuri ヤマトミクリ

Sparganium fallax is a perennial herb growing in colonies in ponds, wetlands, etc., where the water is stagnant, 50-120cm in height, spreading runners in mud sideways to set up new vegetative growths. Leaves are in an alternate arrangement in a distichous way, each linear, 4-10cm in width, of triangular cross-section; there are ridges on backsides. Inflorescences are erect with no branching and set spherical flower heads in them. Bloom time: June-September.




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