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Tylophora aristolochioides / Ookamomeduru オオカモメヅル

Bloom time: July-September

Apocynaceae /


Species in the genus Tylophora:

Tylophora aristolochioides / Ookamomeduru
Tylophora floribunda / Kokamomeduru



Tylophora aristolochioides / Ookamomeduru オオカモメヅル

Tylophora aristolochioides is a perennial vine found in hill or mountain forests. Stems are slender and extend long, with few hairs. Nearly hairless leaves with 1-3cm long petioles are of opposite phyllotaxis, in the shape of a triangular, long lanceolate, with tips longly pointed and bases cordate. Inflorescences from axils have dark purple flowers; corollas 4-6mm in diameter deeply cut themselves into five, with white floccus on the lobes. Bloom time: June-September.




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