Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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 Azolla japonica / Ooakaukikusa オオアカウキクサ

Bloom time: September-November

Asteraceae / Kikuka

The other species in the genus Bidens:

Bidens biternata / Sendangusa
Bidens frondosa / Amerikasendangusa
Bidens pilosa var. minor / Koshinorosendangusa


Bidens biternata / Sendangusa センダングサ

Bidens biternata, an annual herb that grows to 0.3-1.5m in height, occurs in somewhat damp locations like roadsides or dry riverbeds, with stems with four ridges and curly hairs. Leaves on the upper parts are alternate, 9-15cm in length, of mono- or bi-pinnate compound leaf; the leaflets are oval with pointed tips and fine serrations on the margins. Branch tips on the upper parts set 0.7-1cm-in-in diameter yellow flower heads, and involucral bracts, 3-6.5cm long, are linear with tips sharply pointed. Bloom time: September-October.



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