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The other species in the genus Callicarpa:

Callicarpa dichotoma / Komurasaki
Callicarpa dichotoma f. albibacca / Shirominokomurasaki
Callicarpa japonica / Murasakishikibu
Callicarpa mollis / Yabumurasaki


Callicarpa mollis / Yabumurasaki ヤブムラサキ

Callicarpa mollis, a deciduous shrub in lowland forest edges or inside, grow to 2-3m in height, branching at the bases and going diagonally upward, with gray-white, smooth barks. Leaves are alternate, blades being 5-10cm in length, broadly ovate to oblong, tip portions tapering to points, bases round, with plain serrations on margins, and sparse microtrichias on surface and white many stellate hairs on the backsides. Inflorescences emerging from axils set 2-10 red-purple flowers in them; corollas measure 4-5mm long, upperparts cleft in 4, and the lobes open flat. Calyxes have dense white pubescent hairs along with stellate hairs—stamens, 4 in number, and pistils, 1, both of them projecting. Drupes measure 3-4mm across, mature in purple; sepals beneath make themselves covered with dense hairs. Bloom time: June-July.



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