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Chelidonium dubium / Nagamihinageshi ナガミハナゲシ

Bloom time: April-May

Papaveraceae /


Species in the genus Chelidonium:

Chelidonium dubium / Nagamihinageshi
Chelidonium japonicum / Yamabukisou
Chelidonium majus ssp. asiaticum / Kusanoou



Chelidonium dubium / Nagamihinageshi ナガミハナゲシ

Chelidonium dubiuman annual herb originating in Europe, occurs in fields, uncultivated lands, or dry riverbeds. Stems grow to 30-60cm in height, having many divaricate hairs on the lower half portions, and appressed inches on the upper half. Leaves are pinnate to bipinnately, deeply cleft, and surfaces and backsides are hairy. Flowers, orange-red to red, 3-6cm in diameter, come on tops of flower stalks. Capsules are long-oblong, 2-3cm in length. Bloom time: April-May.




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