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Spring Flowers


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Papaveraceae /


Species in the genus Chelidonium:

Chelidonium dubium / Nagamihinageshi
Chelidonium japonicum / Yamabukisou
Chelidonium majus ssp. asiaticum / Kusanoou



Chelidonium majus ssp. asiaticum / Kusanoou クサノオウ

Chelidonium majus ssp. asiaticum, a biennial herb inhabiting sunny locations, such as roadside, grassland, forest edge, etc., grows to 30-80cm in height. The whole is hairy throughout, which causes looking whitish. Leaves split once or twice like a feather, and yellow flowers come out in spring to mid-summer, measuring 3-4cm in diameter. There exist some individuals whose petals are notched. Bloom time: April-July.
        Petals notched            




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