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Clinopodium micranthum  var. micranthum / Inutoubana イヌトウバナ

Bloom time: August-October

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Clinopodium:

Clinopodium chinense var. parviflorum / Kurumabana
Clinopodium gracile / Toubana
Clinopodium_hinense_var._hibetchense / Yamakurubabana
Clinopodium micranthum var. micranthum / Inutoubana
Clinopodium multicaule / Yamatoubana



Clinopodium micranthum  var. micranthum / Inutoubana イヌトウバナ

Clinopodium micranthum var. micranthum is a perennial that grows in the shade of a tree in mountainous districts; stems grow to 20-50cm in height. With 5-20mm-in-length petioles, leaves are in the shape of an ovate to oblong-ovate, 2-3cm long, with bright glandular dots on the lower surfaces. Corollas are white, somewhat tinging light purple, with a length of 5-6 millimeters. Bloom time: August-October.




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