Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Ranunculaceae /


Species in the genus Hepatica:

Hepatica nobilis var. japonica / Misumisou
Hepatica nobilis var. japonica f. variegata / Suhamasou
Hepatica nobilis var. pubescens / Kesuhamasou



Hepatica nobilis var. japonica / Misumisou ミスミソウ

Hepatica nobilis var. japonica, an evergreen perennial, inhabits deciduous tree forest beds in mountainous regions. Leaves with long petioles, dark green, having arisen from the base of the plants are of 'palmately' three-cleft, and the tips pointed. Flowers measure 1-1.5cm in diameter; the petal-like sepals, 6-10 in number, are in the shape of a long oblong-like lanceolate body, and the color varies from white to light purple, light blue-purple, light red, etc., etc. Bloom time: March-April.




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