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Leucanthemum linearis / Mikoshigiku ミコシギク

Bloom time: September-November

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Leucanthemum:

Leucanthemum linearis / Mikoshigiku
Leucanthemum vulgare / Furansugiku



Leucanthemum linearis / Mikoshigiku ミコシギク


Leucanthemum linearis is a 3-1m-in-height perennial that inhabits sunny wetlands, propagating by extending rhizomes long sideways and generating sprouts at the tips. Leaves on the lower parts have gone in flowering time. On-stem leaves are petiole-less, slender, 4.5-9cm long, 2-3mm wide, and generally cleft pinnately in 1-2 pairs, with margins curving toward back surfaces. Flower heads; 3-6cm in diameter. Lingulate flowers; white, involucres; 5-6mm long. The involucral bracts arrange in three rows, each about the same length, and exterior ones are linear-shaped. Bloom time: September-November.





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