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Physalis pruinosa / Shokuyouhoozuki ショクヨウホオズキ

Bloom time: June-July

Family: Solanaceae /


Species in the genus Physalis:

Physalis angulata / Sennarihoozuki
Physalis angulata var. lanceifolia / Hosobafuurinhoozuki
Physalis pruinosa / Shokuyouhoozuki


Physalis pruinosa / Shokuyouhoozuki ショクヨウホオズキ

Physalis pruinosa is a perennial white tender hair that covers the whole, growing to 0.5-1m in height. Flowers are white and measure 1cm in diameter, and petals shallowly cut themselves in five, with brown dots inside. Yellow and glossy, the fruit is spherical, around 2cm in diameter. Bloom time: June-July.




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