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Tephroseris flammea spp. glabrifolia / Kourinka コウリンカ

Bloom time: July-September

Asteraceae /

Species in the genus Tephroseris:

Tephroseris flammea ssp. glabrifolia / Kourinka
Tephroseris integrifolius ssp. kirilowii / Okaoguruma
Tephroseris pierotii / Sawaoguruma

Tephroseris flammea spp. glabrifolia / Kourinka コウリンカ

Tephroseris flammea spp. glabrifolia is a perennial herb inhabiting sunny grasslands in mountainous regions. Stems measure 50-60cm in height, with many floccuses on them. Radical leaves are spoon-shaped, on-stem ones are broad lanceolate, 10-16cm in length, basal portions somewhat embracing the stems, and on both leaf sides, there are arachnoid hairs. Head flowers, 3-4cm in diameter, come in somewhat scattered ways. Involucres measure 5-8mm in length. Bloom time: July-September.




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