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Thalictrum minus var.hypoleucum / Akikaramatsu アキカラマツ

Bloom time: July-September

Ranunculaceae /


Species in the genus Thalictrum:

Thalictrum actaefolium / Shiginkaramatsu
Thalictrum filamentosum var. tenerum / Miyamakaramatsu
Thalictrum minus var.hypoleucum / Akikaramatsu


Thalictrum minus var.hypoleucum / Akikaramatsu アキカラマツ

Thalictrum minus var. hypoleucum is a perennial herb height of 0.7-1.5m, inhabiting sunny grasslands in fields and mountains. Leaves are of bi- to tetra-pinnate ternate compounds, its leaflets oblong, 1-3cm. Flowers, light yellow-white, 8mm in diameter, bloom in clusters in panicles. Bloom time: July-September.




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