Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Melanthiaceae / Shurosouka  

Secies in the genus Veratrum:

Veratrum grandiflorum / Baikeisou
Veratrum maackii var. japonicum / Shurosou
Veratrum maackii var. parviflorum / Aoyagisou

    Veratrum maackii var. parviflorum / Aoyagisou アオヤギソウ    
Veratrum maackii var. parviflorum is a perennial herb inhabiting moist grasslands, with some dead-leaf fibers remaining on the bases of stems in a hemp palm way. The branches measure 0.5-1m in height. Leaves are all together at the feet, in a long oblong shape, each 20-30cm in length, and bases grow to sheathes and embrace the stems. Panicles on the stem tops bear many approximately 1cm-across light yellow-green flowers in them. Bloom time: June-August.




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