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Alnus pendula / Himeyashabushi ヒメヤシャブシ

Bloom time: March-May

Betulaceae /


Species in the genus Alnus:

Alnus japonica / Hannoki
Alnus pendula / Himeyashabushi
Alnus serrulatoides / Kawarahannoki
Alnus sieboldiana / Oobayashabushi


Alnus pendula / Himeyashabushi ヒメヤシャブシ

Alnus pendula, a small deciduous tree with black-brown barks, many of them inhabit poor lands in hilly to mountainous regions, branching well to grow to 2-7m in height. Leaves are alternate, 5-10cm in length, 2-4cm in width, narrow-oval-like lanceolate, upper portions tapering to points, and bases round, with margins with fine serrations. Lateral veins comprise 20-26 pairs, dent at surfaces, and protrude on the backsides. Flowers are monoecious, simultaneously open with the development of the leaves. Male inflorescences with no petioles, 1-3 in number, droop down at the end of the branches, and females with petioles, 3-6 in number, set themselves below the males. Bloom time: March-May.


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