Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


Spring Flowers


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Betulaceae / Kabanokika

Species in the genus Alnus:

Alnus japonica / Hannoki
Alnus pendula / Himeyashabushi
Alnus serrulatoides / Kawarahannoki
Alnus sieboldiana / Oobayashabushi


Alnus serrulatoides / Kawarahannoki カワラハンノキ

Alnus serrulatoides, a deciduous shrub or small tree found in sunny dry riverbeds or riverbanks, with dark brown barks, branch well from lower parts and grow to 5-7m in height. Leaves are alternate, blades measure 5-7cm, broad-obovate; tips vary from dented, round, to somewhat pointed, bases are broadly cuneate, with margins with shallow wave-like indentations. Flowers are monoecious and bloom before the leaves develop; male inflorescences with petioles are 6-8cm in length, 2 or 3 each of which hang down from the branch tips, and females set themselves below the males facing upward. Bloom time: February-March.




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