Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物

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The blossoming of plum trees heralds the end of winter in Japan. As the Siberian air masses that dominate the winter weaken, high and low pressure alternately pass through Japan. When enveloped by the high-pressure atmosphere, the weather is generally good, with lots of sun and warmth, but cold at night. On the other hand, when low pressure passes, there is usually lots of rainfall caused by the moisture brought in by the westerlies from the Sea of Japan. Above is the outline of the characteristics of the springtime weather.

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Cardamine impatiens / Janinjin

Cardamine leucantha / Konronsou

Cardamine lyrata / Mizutagarashi

Cardamine regeliana / Oobatanetsukebana

Carex aphanolepis / Enashihigokusa

Carex dispalata / Kasasuge

Carex foliosissima / Okunokansuge

Carex ischnostachya / Juzusuge

Carex otaruensis / Otarusuge

Carex pumila / Kouboushiba

Carex stenostachys var. stenostachys / Nihonmonjisuge

Caulophyllum robstum / Ruiyoubotan

Celastrus orbiculatus / Tsuruumemodoki

Celastrus orbiculatus var. stringillosus / Onitsuruumemodoki

Cephalanthera erecta / Ginran

Cephalanthera erecta var. subaphylla / Yuushunran

Cephalanthera falcata / Kinran

Cephalanthera longibracteata / Sasabaginran Cerastium glomeratum / Orandamiminagusa Cerastium holosteoides var. hallaisanense / Miminagusa
Chamaele decumbens / Sentousou Chelidonium japonicum / Yamabukisou Chelidonium majus var. asiaticum / Kusanoou Chloranthus japonicus / Hitorishizuka
Chloranthus serratus / Futarishizuka Chrysosplenium album / Shiribananekonomesou Chrysosplenium echinus / Iwanekonome Chrysosplenium fauriae f. ferruginiflorum / San'innekonome
Chrysosplenium fauriei / Hokurikunekonomesou Chrysosplenium flagelliferum / Tsurunekonomesou Chrysosplenium grayanum / Nekonomesou Chrysosplenium japonicum / Yamanekonomesou
Chrysosplenium kiotense / Botannekonomesou Chrysosplenium kiotense f. xanthandrum / Kinshibebotannekonomesou Chrysosplenium macrostemon / Iwabotan Chrysosplenium macrostemon var. shiobarense / Nikkounekonome
Chrysosplenium nagasei var. nagasei / Hidabotan Chrysosplenium pilosum / Koganenekonomesou Chysosplenium tosaense / Tachinekonomesou Cirsium japonicum / Noazami
Cirsium sp. / ? Cirsium suwoense / Suouazami    

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