Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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The other species in the genus Chrysanthemum:

Chrysanthemum indicum / Shimakangiku
Chrysanthemum indicum var. maruyamanum /
Chrysanthemum japonens var. debile / Setonojigiku
Chrysanthemum makinoi / Ryuunougiku
Chrysanthemum okiense / Okinoaburagiku
Chrysanthemum x aphrodite / San'ingiku
Chrysanthemum x shimotomaii / Nijigahamagiku


Chrysanthemum indicum / Shimakangiku シマカンギク

Chrysanthemum indicum, the yellow flowers being around 2.5cm across, inhabits the bright fringe of a forest. Distinguish it from the other yellow chrysanthemums is not easy; the most crucial point lies in the fact that the involucral bracts form four lines upward, but it is also difficult to observe.



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