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Corydalis pallida var. tenuis / Miyamakikeman ミヤマキケマン

Bloom time: April-June

 Papaveraceae /


Species in the genus Corydalis:

Corydalis heterocarpa / Tsukushikikeman
Corydalis heterocarpa var. japonica / Kikeman
Corydalis incica / Murasakikeman
Corydalis indica f. candida / Yukiyabukeman
Corydalis indica f. pallesems / Shiroyabukeman
Corydalis lineariloba / Yamaengosaku
Corydalis ochotensis var. raddeana / Nagaminotsurukikeman
Corydalis pallida var. pallida / Fuurokeman
Corydalis pallida var. tenuis / Miyamakikeman
Corydalis speciosa / Ezokikeman


Corydalis pallida var. tenuis / Miyamakikeman ミヤマキケマン

Corydalis pallida var. tenuis is a biennial herb inhabiting sunny forest edges in fields and mountains, the whole feeling soft, with many leaves and stems. The stems measure 30-50cm in height. Radical leaves with long petioles are of an imparipinnate compound leaf, leaflets having irregular serrations and notches on margins. Branch tips emerge 4-10cm-long racemes in which many yellow flowers bloom. Capsules are linear, making strings of narrow and fat portions on them. Bloom time: April-June.




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