Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Euphorbia jolkinii / Iwataigeki イワタイゲキ

Bloom time: April-June

Euphorbiaceae /


Species in the genus Euphobia:

Euphorbia jolkinii / Iwataigeki
Euphorbia maculata / Oonishikisou
Euphorbia pekinensis / Takatoudai
Euphorbia sieboldiana / Natsutoudai
Euphorbia supina / Konishikisou



Euphorbia jolkinii / Iwataigeki イワタイゲキ

Euphorbia jolkinii, a perennial herb of 30-50cm in height, inhabits rocky areas on seashores, forming colonial clusters with well-developed rhizomes entering cracks deep. Stems are thick, and alternate leaves are dense, 4-7cm in length, in a long-oblong or oblanceolate shape. Also, the stems set some leaves in a whorl on their ends and radiate branches in all directions from leaf axils and bear ochathiums (cup-shaped inflorescences) with yellow flowers. Bloom time: April-June.



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