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Orchidaceae / Ranka



Species in the genus Gastrodia:

Gastrodia elata / Oninoyagara
Gastrodia elata f. pallen / Shirotenma
Gastrodia pubiabiata / Kuroyatsushiroran

Gastrodia pubilabiata f. castanea / Bengarayatsushiroran
Gastrodia verrucosa / Akizakityatsushiroran

The photo on the left: Courtesy of N.K.


Gastrodia pubilabiata f. castanea / Bengarayatsushiroran ベンガラヤツシロラン


Gastrodia pubilabiata f. castanea (Japanese name:Bengarayatsushiroran) is described as a new form of  Gastrodia pubilabiata in 1979 (Fukunaga,H.,et al.). Taxonomic characteristics: With the original species, flowers are black-, or purple-brown, while in the new form, the flowers are red-brown. The other differences between the two can't be observed. Bloom time: September-October.




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