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Geranium dimorphophyllum / Muronouchifuuro ムロノウチフウロ

Bloom time: September

Geraniaceae /


Species in the genus Geranium:

Geranium carolinianum / Amerikafuuro
Geranium dimorphophyllum / Muronouchifuuro
Geranium robertianum / Himefuuro
Geranium shikokianum / Iyofuuro
Geranium thunbergii / Gennoshouko
Geranium tripartitum / Kofuuro
Geranium yoshinoi / Bicchuufuuro


Geranium dimorphophyllum / Muronouchifuuro ムロノウチフウロ


Geranium dimorphophyllum, a perennial herb, inhabits a mountainous region's semi-shady, damp forest floor. Leaves deeply cut to the base into 3-5 lobes, which characterize this species in the genus. This species might be a natural hybrid between Geranium thunderbergii and G. tripartitum. Bloom time: September.





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