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Hosta sieboldiana / Oobagiboushi オオバギボウシ

Bloom time: July-August

Asparagaceae /



Species in the genus Hosta:

Hosta capitata / Kanzashigiboushi
Hosta longissima / Mizugiboushi
Hosta sieboldiana / Oobagiboushi
Hosta sieboldii var. sieboldii f._spathulata  / Kobaogiboush

Hosta sieboldiana / Oobagiboushi オオバギボウシ

Hosta sieboldiana, a perennial, occurs in damp forests or grasslands in mountainous regions. Radical leaves have long petioles and are oval-like oblong, 30-40cm long, with bases deep heart-shaped and acceptable projections on veins. Flower stalks, measuring 0.6-1m in height, set many light purples to white, 4.5-5cm long, flowers facing sideways. Bloom time: July-August.




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