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Hypericum oliganthum / Azeotogiri アゼオトギリ

Bloom time: August-October

Hypericaceae /


Sspecies in the genus Hypericum:

Hypericum asahinae / Daisen'otogiri
Hypericum ascyron / Tomoesou
Hypericum erectum / Otogirisou
Hypericum japonica / Himeotogiri
Hypericum laxum / Kokeotogiri
Hypericum oliganthum / Azeotogiri
Hypericum pseudopetiolatum / Sawaotogiri


Hypericum oliganthum / Azeotogiri アゼオトギリ

Hypericum oliganthum is a perennial herb inhabiting sunny, damp places like paths between paddies. A few each crowding, stems are columnar, and there are two ridges on the upper parts, branch well, crawl to extend, then get up at the upper legs. Leaves, of simple leaves, of opposite phyllotaxis, 0.8-2.5cm in length, 0.3-0.9cm in width, in the shape of long oblong to oblanceolate, generally visible are many pale glands on the surfaces and dark glands on the margins. Branch tops bear cymes in which 1-7 1-1.5cm-across yellow 5-petaled flowers bloom. There are about 20-30 stamens inside. Bloom time: August-October.




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