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Ilex cornuta / Hiiragimochi ヒイラギモチ

Bloom time: April-May

Aquifoliaceae /


Species in the genus Ilex:

Ilex cornuta / Hiiragimochi
Ilex crenata / Inutsuge
Ilex integra / Mochinoki
Ilex latifolia / Tarayou
Ilex leucoclada / Himemochi
Ilex pendunculosa / Soyogo
Ilex rotunda / Kuroganemochi
Ilex serrata / Umemodoki

Ilex cornuta / Hiiragimochi ヒイラギモチ

Ilex cornuta is an evergreen small- or tree originating in China, resembling a Japanese species, Irex integra, except that young leaves, have spiny serrations on margins and aged ones prickles at their tips. Bloom time: April-May.




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