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Ixeris repens / Hamanigana ハマニガナ

Bloom time: April-October

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Ixeris:

Ixeris dentata / Nigana
Ixeris dentata ssp. nipponicum var. albiflora f. ampilifolia / Hananigana
Ixeris dentata ssp. nipponicum var. albiflora / Shirobananigana
Ixeris dentata var. stolonifera / Hainigana
Ixeris japonica / Oojishibari
Ixeris repens / Hamanigana
Ixeris stolonifera / Jishibari

Ixeris repens / Hamanigana ハマニガナ

IIxeris repens, a perennial herb in sandy soil on seashores, propagates by extending rhizomes long underground. Leaves are thick, with long petioles; even if covered with sand, they can afford to get out above the ground by themselves. Blades are 3-5cm in length and width, palmately cleft or dissected - variable. Axils give birth to peduncles, which set 2-3cm-in-diameter yellow flower heads on tips. Involucres are about 1cm long and cylindrical. Bloom time: April-October.




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