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Liparis krameri / Jigabachisou ジガバチソウ

Bloom time: May-July

Orchidaceae /


Species in the genus Liparis:

Liparis fujisanensis / Fugakusuzumushisou
Liparis krameri / Jigabachisou
Liparis kumokiri / Kumokirisou
Liparis nervosa / Kokuran


Liparis krameri / Jigabachisou ジガバチソウ


Liparis krameri, a perennial whose spherical pseudobulbs ride on the ground surface, inhabits forest floors or rarely mossy rocks in mountainous regions. Leaves, oval-shaped, acuminate, two in number, each, 3-8cm in length, 2-4mm in width, emerge face to face from either side of the pseudobulbs. Vein networking is evident as the secondary veins are leaping out. Flower stems are erect, 8-20cm in height, set racemes with 10-20 light green-to-blackish brown flowers; sepals and petals are long-looking linear or string-like. Bloom time: May-July.





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